Blog: Listen to A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation Podcast and Inspire Your Inner Innovator

Benjamin Tingey, MHA is a healthcare intrepreneur, innovation strategist, business designer and podcast host for Atrium Health, one of the nation’s most innovative healthcare organizations. He received his MHA from George Washington University in 2014 and works in Atrium Health’s Innovation Engine, an internal innovation strategy and design consultancy that researches, tests, and develops new approaches in health services delivery and patient-centered care. Learn more about him here.

As an innovation strategist and business designer, I work at the front lines of healthcare innovation. My colleagues at Atrium Health’s Innovation Engine and I believe that innovation will usher in the next era of industry transformation, analogous to the total quality management movement that revolutionized Japan’s manufacturing industry following World War II and became a game-changer for many U.S. industries by the 1980s. We believe that tools like design thinking, disruptive innovation theory, business model innovation, and Jobs to Be Done theory are going to be the basis for skillsets that transform healthcare and other industries in the coming decades.

One way you can learn more about innovation and these important tools is by listening to our podcast, A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation. Because the innovation concepts emerge in the middle of conversations that give them context, you’ll find the episodes to be practical and accessible, and not heavily academic. Listening can be a great way to learn new skills and enable you to see your business and industry in a different way. You can manage differently and stay fresh with new ideas to make a unique impact at work.

We at the Atrium Health Innovation Engine understand that the ideas we present will challenge some of the status quo thinking in healthcare. What we’re presenting is not business as usual. Our podcasts can help you learn how to think in a different way and use tools that might produce different outcomes than what you and the people around you are accustomed to. We believe that innovation is needed for the healthcare industry as a whole to adapt and evolve.

Here are some suggestions for people inhabiting different niches in the healthcare space (all links are to Apple Podcasts, but you can find a list of other sites that offer the podcast further down):

For senior health system leaders and strategists seeking for ways to brace for disruption (a quick tip: Preempt your competitors by doing it to yourself first):

For leaders in the ambulatory care space who would like to learn about a new value-based, lifestyle medicine primary care practice we designed and launched last year entitled Proactive Health:

For leaders working in patient experience or consumer strategy who are searching for ways to provide experiences that help patients achieve their desired progress:

Other sites for listening to the podcast:

Medium –

Stitcher –

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Google Play -


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