Blog: New Skills for Chief Information Officers at Health Care Organizations

In recent years, the job description of a chief information officer (CIO) at a healthcare organization has evolved and moved well beyond technical desktop support and systems implementation.  We are now in an era when CIOs are expected to be consistently innovative. They must always stay abreast of the latest changes in information technology and knowledge, and leverage into innovative solutions for their enterprise. 

The days when tactical and project management expertise were the chief requirements for a CIO are long gone. To be effective, leaders now require transformational thinking and real-world experience as an innovator.  The ability to connect multiple pieces of strategy, technology and people together for better sustainable outcomes is very important.

In the world of a hospital CIO, it is imperative that technology executives are able to lead an IT team that works much like a think tank or a startup in order to drive innovation.

I was recently quoted on the attributes of modern health care CIOs in Healthcare IT News. Check out that article here

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