Evolving U.S. Workforce is Central to Quality of Care, says New Research

The rapidly changing U.S. health care system and other forces continue to create a tremendous demand for an innovative and flexible health work force. Yet there are concerns that the United States does not and will not have the workforce it needs to meet this demand without significant changes. New research published this month in a special issue of the journal Health Services Research (HSR) focuses on some of the novel ways that health care workers can be trained and deployed to improve the delivery, quality and cost of U.S. health care.

Four of the 9 original research articles were authored by researchers at the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute (GWHWI), which together with the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) funded the special issue, “The Evolving U.S. Health Workforce.”

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The special issue of HSR, “The Evolving U.S. Health Workforce,” can be accessed at no charge during the month of February 2017.