Community Health Centers Would Suffer under Federal Block Grants or Per-Capita Caps for Medicaid

Community health centers are an essential source of care for people in every state, including millions of those with Medicaid coverage. A new study estimates the magnitude of impacts on health centers if Congress were to pass proposals like those it recently considered to change how the federal government allocates money to state Medicaid programs: block grants and per-capita caps.

Blog: The Effect of Indiana's Medicaid Work Experiment On Community Health Centers (Updated Estimates)

By Jessica Sharac, Peter Shin, and Sara Rosenbaum

In June 2019, we published an estimate of the impact of Medicaid work experiments in seven states, including Indiana.  This analysis updates our earlier version in order to adjust for modest changes in estimates regarding the impact of Indiana’s experiment on Medicaid enrollment.

The Congressional Black Caucus and Moderate Allies Oppose Trump Administration’s Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Policy

By Marsha Simon

Blog: How will the Public Charge Rule Affect Community Health Centers and the Communities They Serve? (Updated Estimates)

By Peter Shin, Jessica Sharac, Sara Rosenbaum, and Maria Velasquez