Key Updates from the Health Center COVID-19 Survey (Week #9): The Percentage of Health Center Patients Who Tested Positive for COVID-19—At Least Half of Whom Were Racial/Ethnic Minorities—Is Nearly Three Times the National Percentage

As states reopen and plan for an increase in pent-up demand for health care services, the latest Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA’s) weekly COVID-19 survey summary continues to show a significant loss of community health center access points. Based on an approximate number of 12,000 health center sites, the 1,782 sites reported closed in week nine of the survey represent a loss of one in seven sites or 15 percent of capacity overall. It remains unclear how many of these site closures are temporary, how many health centers can regain a full operational capacity, and how quickly they might do so.

The data note is available here

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