Key Updates from the Health Center COVID-19 Survey (Update #8): Nearly 2,000 Sites Are Temporarily Closed, Testing Has Dropped, Telehealth Use Has Declined, and Revenue Losses are Estimated in the Billions

As the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA’s) weekly reports on community health centers’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic reaches its eighth week, certain trends and areas of concern have emerged. Drawing any definitive conclusions is difficult, since the data are not longitudinal, tracking changes experienced by a defined group of reporting health centers over time. Instead, the information provided by HRSA is cross-sectional – that is, each week, different health centers may be reporting. Nonetheless, with 8 weeks of reporting data now available and a high response rate of 70 percent or more each week, a number of notable issues are evident.

The data note is available here.

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