A Rare Opportunity to Hear What Medicaid Recipients Think About Requiring Work for Medicaid Coverage

Arguments for and against Medicaid work requirements have been made repeatedly in the media, particularly since the beginning of the Trump administration, but there have been few opportunities to hear what Medicaid recipients think about requiring work for coverage.  A Health Affairs blog by Jessica Greene, a professor and the Luciano Chair of Health Care Policy at Baruch College who was formerly in the Department of Health Policy and Management at GW’s Milken Institute School of Public Health, presents information about what current and former Medicaid recipients think about Medicaid work requirements gleaned from a series of focus groups that Greene conducted.  

The article includes information about the states that have presented 1115 Medicaid demonstration waivers to be considered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  The waiver for Kentucky, where the focus groups were conducted, is currently under consideration.  

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