Blog: How will the Public Charge Rule Affect Community Health Centers and the Communities They Serve? (Updated Estimates)

By Peter Shin, Jessica Sharac, Sara Rosenbaum, and Maria Velasquez



Blog: Medicaid Work Requirement Experiments Could Prove Costly for Thousands of Patients and Staff

By Jessica Sharac, Peter Shin, and Sara Rosenbaum

Between 120,000 and 169,000 adult Medicaid health center patients across seven states could lose coverage for comprehensive and primary health care as a result of § 1115 work requirement programs approved by the current administration.

How New Hampshire’s Medicaid Work Experiment Could Impact Community Health Centers

Medicaid revenues in the state’s community health centers could decline by up to $2.8 million, an analysis by Milken Institute SPH researchers shows.

2019 Geiger Gibson Program Distinguished Visitor Has Impacted Community Health Throughout the U.S.

John Silva, president and CEO, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in western Massachusetts

John Silva, the president and CEO of the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in western Massachusetts, is the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health (Milken Institute SPH) 2019 Geiger Gibson Program Distinguished Visitor. He is the fifteenth health care and primary care association leader to be named as a distinguished visitor.