Blog: The Effect of Indiana's Medicaid Work Experiment On Community Health Centers (Updated Estimates)

By Jessica Sharac, Peter Shin, and Sara Rosenbaum

In June 2019, we published an estimate of the impact of Medicaid work experiments in seven states, including Indiana.  This analysis updates our earlier version in order to adjust for modest changes in estimates regarding the impact of Indiana’s experiment on Medicaid enrollment.

Blog: Medicaid Work Requirement Experiments Could Prove Costly for Thousands of Patients and Staff

By Jessica Sharac, Peter Shin, and Sara Rosenbaum

Between 120,000 and 169,000 adult Medicaid health center patients across seven states could lose coverage for comprehensive and primary health care as a result of § 1115 work requirement programs approved by the current administration.

How New Hampshire’s Medicaid Work Experiment Could Impact Community Health Centers

Medicaid revenues in the state’s community health centers could decline by up to $2.8 million, an analysis by Milken Institute SPH researchers shows.

The Need for Evaluations of Medicaid 1115 Demonstrations that Restrict Eligibility

An Issue Brief published by the Commonwealth Fund suggests that information needed by policymakers may not be collected.