Video: Healthcare Informatics and the Affordable Care Act

In this video, HealthInformatics@GW Program Director Sam Hanna explains that healthcare informatics professionals have been involved in Affordable Care Act since its inception.  Healthcare informatics professionals are well-positioned to help hospital administrators and others make sense of data and requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  

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Video: How Will Wearable Technology Impact Healthcare?

“Healthcare is being disrupted on a daily basis by new technologies” including wearable technologies, tele-health, and mobile health, HealthInformatics@GW Program Director Sam Hanna explains in this video.  The end result is more data that healthcare organizations need to manage.  “Everybody is struggling with more data; they don’t know what to do with it.”  

Video: What is Healthcare Informatics?

Healthcare informatics involves multiple disciplines to improve outcomes, reduce costs, improve quality and ultimately drive innovation in the healthcare industry, says HealthInformatics@GW Program Director Sam Hanna in this video.  

“Healthcare leaders and professionals use informatics to make better decisions,” Hanna explains.  Students in the program are able to capitalize on The George Washington University’s location in the nation’s capital, where our nation’s healthcare policy is made.  

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